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Disposable protective clothing ppe suit coveralls

Product Profile

Disposable protective clothing, elastic cap mouth, close fitting face, safe and breathable, integrated protection design, increased security, access control zipper + adhesive strip, higher and safer sealing, welcome to order!

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Product Detail

Product description

Medical protective clothing


Fiber composition: PP spunbond non-woven fabric + PE ventilating film + low temperature adhesive strip, no foot zipper self-locking; with "three according to one anti" performance. Three refusals (blood, leakage, alcohol) and more water repellent; one anti-static (anti-static) to prevent sparks from causing accidents of alcohol and other combustible gases, 63g / m2 SMS covered with air permeable membrane, high protection
It conforms to gb19082-2009 standard and can work in ICU for five days. The protective clothing has been sterilized and packed in vacuum. If the bag is expanded, please use it after sterilization again

Disposable medical isolation gown:

Fiber composition: SMS non-woven, white and blue, non sterile, suitable for outpatient general examination and isolation. Zipper self-locking

Reusable Protective KN95 Mask anti-dust Respirator

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