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liquid filter bag

Product Profile

China Liquid Filter Bags Manufacturers. Shipmen filter is a leading supplier of filter bags, filter cartridges, filter housing, and media filters designed to meet the requirements of all types of liquid filtration applications.

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Product Detail

Product description

Practical Application 
It is used in all kinds of bag filters to filter micro impurity liquid, remove micro particles, purify liquid and protect key equipment.
Widely used in fine chemicals, water treatment, paper industry, automobile industry, petrochemical industry, mechanical processing, coating, electronics and other industries.

Picture example:

Our advantage
* Micron ratings from 1 to 2500
* All industry standard and custom sizes available.
* High flow/low pressure drop media.
* Surface-retention filtration.
* Wide chemical compatibility.
* Sewn construction.
* Handles standard on all bags.
* Choice of steel ring or plastic flange.
* Economical removal of non-deformable contaminants.
* Non-fiber releasing.
* Good removal effiencies.
* Polyester and nylon materials reach food grade.
* Silicone-free construction.

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