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BF bag liquid filter

Product Profile

Practical Application It is used in all kinds of bag filters to filter micro impurity liquid, remove micro particles, purify liquid and protect key equipment. Widely used in fine chemicals, water treatment, paper industry, automobile indust

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Product Detail

Product description

BF bag filter

Divided into: top-in bag filter, side-in bag filter, full plastic bag filter, multi-bag filter.

Top-in bag filter

product description:

Top-in style, the filter fluid flows from high position to low position during operation, the fluid is not affected by turbulent flow, and the filter efficiency and service life of the filter bag are fully utilized. When closed, the top cover of the filter directly presses the mouth of the filter bag, which has better sealing and simple operation.

Design Features:

1. The filtrate flows in from the top cover to reduce turbulence, which can improve the filtration efficiency and service life of the filter bag.
2. The top cover directly presses and seals the ring mouth of the filter bag to ensure that there is almost no side leakage in the filtration process.
3. The filter adopts adjustable bracket, easy to install on site
4. The top cover of the filter is integrally cast, the structure is compact, the flow channel is smooth, the resistance is small, there are no residues and hygienic dead ends.

Side-in bag filter

product description:

The product is an economical single-bag filter, with simple structure design and convenient use and maintenance. The interior uses an integrated filter bag support structure design, and the inner wall is smooth and easy to clean. The top cover of the side-entry bag filter has two kinds of bottle caps and precision cast concave caps. Its design refers to ASME and CE standards, which can meet the high-pressure use requirements of customers.

Design Features:

Side-in style, no need to cut off the pipeline when opening the cover, easy to replace the filter bag. At the same time, the concave top cover design eliminates the overflow of the filtrate when the top cover is opened. The top cover can be adapted to different ways of opening, and can flexibly meet different working conditions of the on-site environment.

Full plastic bag filter

product description:
The all-plastic bag filter cartridge has no metal parts, which can avoid the worry of rust and corrosion. The barrel is injection molded in one piece without seams and dead corners. The top cover of the filter is also made of all plastic, with an exhaust valve and a 1/4 port for connecting to the pressure gauge. It is easy to open in operation, without any tools, you can unscrew the top cover with bare hands.

Design Features:

1. Excellent chemical properties, can meet the filtration requirements of many chemical acid-base liquids.
2. Glass fiber reinforced PP cylinder can withstand relatively high pressure and high temperature requirements
3. The top cover adopts a handle-type spiral structure, which can be opened without any tools, making it easy and fast to replace the filter bag.
4. If the process requires continuous operation, a double barrel type is available.
5. The filter made of PP material has two specifications of #02 and #05, and the filter of PVDF material has the specification of #02.

Multi-bag filter

product description:
The spring-assisted V-clamp quick-open filter is especially suitable for the working conditions where the filter element needs to be frequently replaced or the filter element needs to be quickly switched. The opening operation takes only 30 seconds, which greatly improves the work efficiency.Suitable for large flow and solid content occasions, the number of filter bags in the filter can be increased from 3 bags to 24 bags

Design Features:
1. Humanized design, only 30 seconds to open
2. The cover is opened with translation and vertical opening, which can meet the requirements of the use site
3. The spring arm assists the opening mechanism to make the opening of the top cover easy and effortless, and can be operated with one hand
4. The unique three-point compression Zhuangzi ensures a good filter bag seal and avoids liquid leakage
5. Flow rate from 120 cubic meters per hour to 960 cubic meters per hour


Widely used in fine chemicals, water treatment, paper industry, automotive industry, petroleum and petrochemical, mechanical processing, coatings, electronics and so on.
Filters liquids containing trace amounts of magazines, removes traces of particles, purifies liquids, and protects critical equipment.

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