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PSS-CF Pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filter

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PSS-CF Pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filter Pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filter automatically removes particulate impurities on the surface of the filter element by efficient mechanical scraping. It can be single-machine cont

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Product description

PSS-CF Pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filter

product description
 Pneumatic scraper-type self-cleaning filter automatically removes particulate impurities on the surface of the filter element through efficient mechanical scraping. It can be used for continuous online filtration in a single machine without filtering consumables and without manual cleaning. It is suitable for general and highly viscous liquid filtration
  Traditional manual filters are frequently blocked when filtering viscous materials and soft impurities. Customers are forced to choose large filters or perform frequent backwashing, which requires large investment, heavy work, and serious material waste. Pneumatic scraper-type self-cleaning filter can easily solve this kind of problem, keep the filter element clean all the time, the impurity concentration of discharged slag liquid is high, and the material waste is small.
Pneumatic scraper-type self-cleaning filters are gradually replacing traditional manual filters in many fields, such as vibrating screens, bag filters, basket filters, and some backwash self-cleaning filters, due to their significant technical advantages and low life cycle cost.
Working principle of self-cleaning
Filter status
Liquid flows in from the inlet, and a disc-shaped scraper with a spring clings to the inner surface of the filter element, and stops at the upper end of the filter element. The liquid passes through the scraper and flows outward from the inner surface of the filter element. Impurities are trapped on the inner surface and the liquid exits from the outlet. Outflow: With the passage of time, impurities gradually increase and the pressure difference rises. The scraper cleans the filter element according to the set pressure difference or the set time.
Cleaning status
The cylinder drives the scraper to reciprocate up and down to clean the filter element. When the scraper moves downwards, impurities are pushed to the bottom of the filter by the scraper, and large specific impurities are deposited in the dirt collection chamber. When the scraper moves upward, the residual impurities are scraped and pushed to the upper end of the filter element. The impurities are washed away by the flowing liquid and return to the inner surface of the filter element through the scraper. When the scraper moves downward, it is scraped away. Each cleaning consists of several strokes Composition, after the surface of the filter element is cleaned, the filtration capacity is restored. The equipment is normally filtered during self-cleaning, and the flow is not interrupted
Sewage status
After multiple cleaning cycles, impurities accumulate to one-quantity, and the equipment periodically opens the sewage valve to discharge slag containing high-concentration impurities, which can also be recovered if necessary.

 V-SLOT filter element
The V-SLOT filter element is designed with a long slit type filter opening, and the gap is trapezoidal, which is not easy to be stuck by impurities and maintains a stable flow rate for a long time. The slit width on the inner surface is the filtering accuracy. The slits are uniform and uniform, with a high opening rate and an accuracy range of 50-1500 microns. The scraper scrapes along the direction of the gap, which is suitable for conventional filtration requirements. The inner surface is smooth and flat, the roundness is accurate, and the scraping effect is good. One-piece precision forming, solid structure, durable. 316L material filter screen has excellent corrosion resistance and can filter more difficult impurities such as mud oil impurities and soft caking impurities.


        Pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filter automatically removes particulate impurities on the surface of the filter element by efficient mechanical scraping. It can be single-machine continuous online filtration, no filter consumables, no need for manual cleaning, suitable for general and high viscous liquid filtration. Compared with the traditional manual filter, it is frequently clogged when filtering viscous materials and soft impurities. This pneumatic scraper type self-cleaning filter can easily solve such problems. The filter element is cleaned and the impurity concentration of the discharged slag liquid is high. Material waste is small.

ACS series self-cleaning control system
      For the PSS-CF filter, we have developed two special models of ACS control systems, which are divided into economic and high-matching types. They are designed based on Siemens PLC, run our company’s proprietary programs, control the filter to operate efficiently, and fully meet various automation controls. Claim.
      Economic type ----time control type, the cleaning cycle and the sewage cycle are set according to the time period, and there is no pressure difference instrument.
      High-matching type----both pressure difference and time two cleaning modes, the pressure difference reflects the filter cake accumulation thickness and the degree of clogging of the filter element, when the pressure difference mode reaches the set pressure difference value, start self-cleaning, it is recommended to clean the pressure difference The value is 50Kpa, which can be adjusted between 10-100Kpa according to the working conditions. Differential pressure mode is the most efficient and widely used. The time mode can be set from 0 to 24 hours. If the differential pressure mode fails, the time mode will still work, highlighting the final safety protection function. The time period setting should be close to the average period in the differential pressure mode.
      The high-match type reserves three dry contacts, which respectively reflect the power-on state, cleaning state and fault feedback. Fault feedback includes differential pressure overload, valve switch failure, whether the scraper is stuck, real-time monitoring, timely troubleshooting, to avoid equipment damage, to avoid material waste and pressure fluctuations caused by sewage valve failure.
      There are two options for differential pressure instruments, a single differential pressure transmitter or a combination of two pressure transmitters for monitoring. It can output real-time differential pressure value, which is characterized by high sensitivity and high reliability.
      In addition: can be designed according to the explosion-proof level specified by the customer, all instruments and control cabinets meet the explosion-proof requirements. The control system based on Siemens S7-200 PLC can be customized: DCS configuration can also be customized to support Profibus-DP or Modbus communication protocol.
typical application
Application areas: petrochemical, fine chemical, papermaking, food and beverage, water treatment, etc.
Suitable liquids:

wax, kerosene, polymer, citric acid, fermentation broth, cosmetics, agarose (gel), silicone solution, soap, sorbitol steroids, syrup,
wet end additives, binders, pigments, lubricants , Paint, resin, latex, ethanol, mixed oil, edible oil, high temperature oil, fruit juice, diesel, etc.

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