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Automatic Lithium Battery sorting machine

Product Profile

The difference between the voltage and resistance acting on the lithium battery;Accurately test according to the set voltage and internal resistance value and divide it to the set position.

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Product Detail

Product description

Automatic Lithium Battery sorting machine for voltage and internal resistance


Technical Parameter

Platform power220V ±10% power: 1000W

Test instrument

Hioki 3561 and Pu 3561 (optional)


4-color VFD display

Sorting efficiency

Test parametersAC resistance, DC voltage

measurement accuracy

Internal resistance ±1mΩ

Voltage V: ±1mv

Gas source0.4-0. 8Mpa

Test Range

Internal resistance Ω: 0.01mΩ ~3.2kΩ; 

voltage V: 0V~20V

Test speed

3 times/sec, 10 times/sec, 50 times/sec
Sorting parametersOpen circuit voltage, AC internal resistance
Control device

Embedded motion control system + man-machine screen

Scope of applicationCylindrical battery

Sorting channel

10 channels

1.The difference between the voltage and resistance acting on the lithium battery

2.According to the set voltage, the internal resistance value is accurately tested and classified to the set position.

3.Comes with high-precision internal resistance and automatic voltage test system to ensure test accuracy.

4.Use Mitsubishi PLC and servo motor control to ensure equipment stability.

5.The equipment will automatically alarm and stop the function, and the sorting test can be continued after the fault is cleared.

6.High-definition display screen and industrial computer, real-time monitoring of test results, convenient and quick equipment operation.

7.Code scanning function can be added.

8.Two kinds of batteries such as 18650/21700/26650/26700/26800 can be customized for general sorting.

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Application field

Wide range of applications, suitable for a variety of fields

Two-wheeled vehicles, tricycles, electric tools, garden tools, vacuum cleaners, 3C digital, 

solar street lights, iron towers, balance cars, twist cars, automobiles, etc.


the entire pack production line equipment:

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