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Water-based solvent recovery machine

Product Profile

Treatment of cutting fluid, cleaning fluid and sewage concentrated liquid, energy saving and emission reduction to the greatest extent, and reducing environmental protection costs of enterprises

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Product Detail

Product description

Medium-sized waste liquid recovery machine

Product information

Equipment name: Solvent recovery machine

Purpose: For the recovery and treatment of oily wastewater under reduced pressure and low temperature evaporation

Processing objects: cutting fluid, cleaning fluid, sewage concentrate, etc.

Model: W100S 

Design capacity: 100L/H

Equipment size: 2900mmW×1600mmL×2000mmH (body size)

Total power: 30KW

Material application

Device schematic

Configuration specifications:

Distillation regenerator

Working principle: heating and boiling under vacuum to generate steam, distillation separation and concentration of waste liquid, and separation of water and oil. Distilled water is reused, and the concentration rate can reach more than 90%
Distillation method: indirect heating of the compressor, distillation under reduced pressure, with automatic waste drainage system
Heating power: 30kw is compressor power

Vacuum pump unit

Quantity: 1 set
Working principle: vacuum extraction (negative pressure) for vacuum distillation tank
Specifications and models: 1 group: Baker vacuum pump U4.7, power 1.5kw, ultimate pressure-100kpa
Action mode: oil seal pump
Displacement: 10800L/min/set
Cooling: The heat exchanger is connected to the coolant, and a temperature detector is installed

filtering system

Quantity: 1 set
Working method: Circulate and filter the waste liquid to be treated in the early stage, prevent large particles of solid materials from entering the distillation tank, and classify and filter the waste liquid particulate impurities before distillation and separation
Circulation filter pump: "South" self-priming pump, power 0.75kw
Precision filter: "Biyun" bag filter
Filtration accuracy: 50μ before distillation regeneration (can be changed between 50-100 microns)
Before coarse filtration: metal filter
Inspection device: install pressure gauge and pressure switch, abnormal pressure alarm device


10L/hour-300L/hour can be selected according to the customer's daily processing capacity:
The power consumption of the 10L/hour model is only 4KW;
20L/hour power consumption is only 6KW;
50L/hour power consumption is only 12KW
100L/hour power consumption is only 23KW

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1. Product name of your interest:     Wastewater distillation equipment

2.Model:     W100S

3.Processing objects:                                                               (Examples:cutting fluid, cleaning fluid, sewage concentrate, etc.)

4.Power consumption:                                                          ( Examples: 10L/H,20L/H,50L/H,100L/H)
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