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multi station vacum hydrocarbon cleaning machine

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multi station vacuum hyrocarbon cleaning machine

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1: Ultrasonic cleaning in a vacuum environment, with enhanced ultrasonic cleaning capabilities, and complex shapes can also be thoroughly cleaned.
2: Shaking rotation function, fixed position rotation function.
3: Complete safety monitoring and safety fire protection functions; fully automatic PLC intelligent control.
4: Can clean needle valves, pistons, high-pressure pump bodies, tappets, precision valve bodies, and aircraft engine parts.
5: Environmental protection and energy saving system technology.
6: Make full use of heat recovery and heating.
7: Continuous oil separation function, no standby process, reducing cleaning agent consumption.
8: The filter element is easy to replace and has good operability.
9: The equipment comes with a hydrocarbon recovery cycle system.
Standard workpiece size: L400*W300*H200--L800*W550*H450 (other sizes can be customized)

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