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multi station water-based cleaning machine

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multiple station water-based cleaning machinespray cleaning,ultrasonic,rinse,drying and anti-rust process combined with the whole cleaning process tomeet cleaning requirement of different domain.

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1: Fully automatic PLC control servo mechanical transport, XYZ axis fully automatic operation. Abnormal alarms for all stations can be realized.
2: With spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, drying, rust prevention and other functions combined to meet the cleaning needs of different fields.
3: Supporting our water treatment equipment can achieve zero-emission cleaning.
4: Multi-station intelligent cleaning can be performed according to the process. It can clean needle valves, pistons, high-pressure pump bodies, tappets, precision valve bodies, and aircraft engine parts.
5: The parts are placed directly, easy to operate, high in efficiency, and easy to automatically connect the front and back procedures.
6: Suitable for multiple industries, multiple parts cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning can be selected to meet cleanliness requirements
7: Multi-station cleaning can be realized, and remote monitoring can be realized.
Standard workpiece size: L400*W300*H200--L800*W550*H450 (other sizes can be customized)

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