Take you to remove the type of dust filter bag

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As an essential part of the filter, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Its application range is also very wide. It is suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, automotive industry, paint, paint, adhesive, food and beverage, electronic device processing technology , Sewage treatment, precision processing and other industries. In sewage treatment, the filter bags that people often use can be roughly divided into:

1. PET fiber filter bag, that is, polyester fiber filter bag;

2.Polypropylene fiber filter bag, that is, PP fiber filter bag, PP micro fiber filter bag;

3. Nylon single fiber filter bag,

4. Unique temperature-resistant polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) filter bag, etc.

Next, we will briefly explain these types of filter bags.

1. The PET filter bag is made of polyethylene terephthalate = alcohol ester is a high polymer, it is a milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer, and the surface is smooth and shiny. PET filter material also belongs to the deep filter bag, which has excellent chemical resistance and solvent resistance, especially for solvent-based liquids.

Excellent corrosion resistance, PET and PP fibers are similar, but PET can withstand higher working temperature environments, such as 160°C.

2. PE filter bag is made of polyester fiber filter cloth. The fiber structure is loose, which increases the capacity of the debris: this type of filter bag belongs to the compound interception method, which can reasonably and effectively remove solid and soft particles.

3. PP filter bag is made of polypropylene fiber filter cloth. PP filter material belongs to the deep filter material. It has excellent chemical resistance, high flow, low resistance, pollution-free and long service life. Therefore, it is used more in the production of I industry, and it is economical.

4. The nylon filter bag is sewn with high-strength nylon woven mesh. The advantage of nylon filter material is that it can be cleaned repeatedly, and the cost is lower. .

5. PTFE filter bag is PTFE filter bag, also known as Teflon. That is, Teflon, which is one of the higher-end types of bag filter materials. The filter bag operates continuously at a high temperature of 240°C, and can withstand the corrosion of strong acids and alkalis in the entire pH range even when the temperature reaches 260°C in an instant.

The above is the introduction of different filter bags. For filter bags, in addition to a certain grasp of the selected material, you also need to grasp the precision. In the unit of filter bag precision, there are often two types of "mesh" and "micron". If you want to master more knowledge about filter bags, then continue to pay attention to us.