Cylindrical battery sorting machine type

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The 18650 lithium battery sorting machine is divided into: 2-speed sorting machine, 6-speed sorting machine, 10-speed sorting machine, 20-speed sorting machine (or called 2-channel sorting machine, 6-channel sorting machine, 10-channel sorting machine) Sorting machine, 20-channel sorting machine).

The picture below is 10-channel lithium battery automatic sorting machine


Introduction to the principle of battery sorting machine

1. Loading bin part

The feeding silo of the feeding mechanism is made of bakelite with a special feeding box. Manually only need to place the unloading box in the upper silo position and pull out the bottom stop. The feeding is very convenient and there will be no jamming. The roller is driven by the motor to roll into the battery and transported to the buffer belt in sequence.

2. Feeding mechanism

PVC belt is used to transport the cells, and the discharging method is one-out and two-out. Both conveyor belts are used for conveying and testing separately, and the efficiency of simultaneous testing is high.

3. Test the conveyor belt mechanism

The conveyor pulling belt mechanism is composed of a conveying pulling belt and a material blocking mechanism. When the proximity sensor is enough, there are ten. Started OCV test and sorting of batteries. This OCV test sorting structure has two sets of one on the left and one on the left, so that there is no need to worry about downtime or material jams, and production can be continued if there is an abnormality on one side and the other.

 How to use the battery automatic sorting machine?

1. Turn on the main power supply and turn on the load switch.

2. Turn on the key switch on the main control device.

3. Press and hold the switch installation state switch on the main control device to make the working state of the battery sorter change from PAUSE to WORK.

4. Turn on the computer and run the simulation test program. Adjust the distance between the probes of the lithium battery automatic sorting machine and the distance between the battery slots under test. Let the xenon lamp of the sorter flash 5-10 times in the air, use the standard slice to calibrate the sorter, and then adjust the battery Cells are tested and sorted, and the test bench must be calibrated with standard cells before testing and sorting cells. After the test sorting, it is necessary to sort out the cells. It is forbidden to mix solar cells with different powers and divide them by 0.1W. During the test, the operator must wear finger cots. It is forbidden to carry out the test sorting without wearing finger cots. When placing the battery, try to be as light as possible, and try not to rub the battery and cause damage to the anti-reflection film.