The important role of lithium battery sorting machine

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1. Set the battery internal resistance, voltage and other parameters

2. Fill the battery

3. Pulsator rotary feed

4. Belt bracket battery

5. The top cylinder lifts the battery

6. Test gas cylinder test closed

7. Mechanical claw sorting battery

8. The tester uploads data and strictly touches the battery with bare hands;

 When working, the cell should be handled gently; before starting the test, the standard should be calibrated. When testing batteries of different specifications, standard films of different specifications should be used for calibration; check whether the equipment is in good condition; observe the light source to prevent eye injury; before opening the battery pack, first check whether the outer packaging is damaged, if any, take pictures Record and report, if there is no damage, you can open the package and check the battery; prevent oxidation. If it cannot be used up, it should be sealed and stored.

According to different models, the upper and lower limits of the internal resistance can be set to multiple gears, the resistance is adjustable, and the adjustment methods are diverse, suitable for people with various operating habits; high precision, fast speed, supporting imported voltage internal resistance tester integrated PC , Mature management; PC display, intuitive and clear atmosphere, professional control card for lithium battery assembly equipment, stable and reliable; high-end drive, subdivision, high-speed; full electric and redundant motor configuration, never worry about small carriage imported rails, flatness and smoothness The degree is sufficient to ensure stability; the process detection signal is comprehensive and diverse, ensuring sufficient maturity and reliability. For example, when the battery enters the slot from the feeding box in less than 1 second, battery inspection and slot comprehensive inspection. And prompt links; friendly interaction, vivid interface, bid farewell to cold and blunt industrial machines. The prompt information is detailed and can be read by the original hand; the humanized processing of the fine link ensures the safety of the operator and the product.

For example, a group of automotive power battery modules use thousands to tens of thousands of batteries, and they must be uniform to have good overall performance. If one of the capacity is low or the battery is low, the whole group will be broken and the work will stop early. Therefore, the uniformity of the lithium battery produced by the lithium battery spot welding machine has always been an important requirement of the module. To make matters worse, individual low-capacity batteries are cyclically overcharged and over-discharged, which shortens their cycle life, and even severe overcharge can cause fire and explosion.

There are multiple indicators for battery uniformity. The first is the uniformity of open circuit voltage. The open circuit voltage of the battery is the voltage measured by the battery, without any external current passing through it, and the level of this voltage usually indicates the state of charge of the battery. A lower open circuit voltage indicates that some charge has been discharged. In the case where everyone does not discharge, the discharge indicates an internal micro short circuit or high self-discharge. In both cases, the capacity of this battery is lower than that of other batteries, which is an important reason for the imbalance between the batteries, so it must be strictly controlled.