A minute to talk about the lithium battery spot welder

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1. First, use a barley paper machine with 18650 lithium batteries of different attributes to paste a circle of barley paper on the surface of each lithium battery. This step is used for insulation.

2. Then put the lithium batteries into the sorting machine, the lithium batteries should be sorted through the good parameters set by the sorting machine, and sort the lithium batteries with the same parameters into the channels of the same attribute.

3. In the next step, prepare the lithium battery fixture and nickel sheet, put the nickel sheet in the fixture, and then tighten the two sides with nuts. The welding head of the spot welding machine is connected to the welding needle, the fixture filled with lithium batteries is placed on the working platform of the spot welding machine, and then the parameters of the spot welding machine are set, and the spot welding machine will adjust the lithium battery according to the set parameters. The battery is spot welded.

Manual spot welding machine: Manual spot welding machine is not so automatic, but this is not a disadvantage because it can weld some non-array lithium batteries. What is non-array, it is an irregular battery pack, which is not neat and tidy, but has shunts. If it’s grooved, use a manual spot welder because it can be controlled during welding, because stepping on the pedal makes the roller rotate, and the roller runs through the heel and the base to connect with the manipulator. The roller can control the welding head to release the current. The number of seconds allows the user to get an ideal welding result, so this is also the characteristic of the manual spot welding machine.

These battery spot welders are used to make lithium batteries.