What equipment is needed for lithium battery pack?

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  Lithium battery production equipment is divided into front-end and back-end. The front end is made of batteries, and the process machinery is complicated and the cost is high. Therefore, it is not recommended to make batteries, the investment is too large, and the competitiveness is relatively high.

  The back end of the lithium battery assembly is to make various battery packs, such as power batteries, energy storage batteries, etc. The complete set of equipment includes a sorting machine, a capacity divider, a spot welder, a barley paper machine, and an aging instrument.

Many friends want to join the new energy lithium battery assembly industry, so it is the second type of lithium battery pack equipment mentioned above.

1.Battery testing equipment. The first step is battery cell detection, which needs to be tested for cell capacity, rate, number of cycles, and whether it meets the requirements for use. Then the required equipment is a capacity tester to detect these. The battery capacity tester is not very expensive and has different channels.

2. the battery cell pairing device. Through the last step, the cells were initially screened. Then what is needed is battery cell pairing to maintain the consistency of the battery's internal resistance and voltage, and a lithium battery sorting machine is needed. The lithium battery sorting machine is a sorting equipment for testing the internal resistance, voltage and other parameters of cylindrical batteries. The sorting of the equipment is precisely controlled by a servo motor. The testing mechanism adopts a five-digit scanning test method, which can test multiple batteries at the same time. It greatly improves the stability of test data and test data. According to different needs, we have different types of battery sorting machines to choose from, and we can also tailor solutions according to your own specific requirements. For example: 6-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 10-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 20-channel battery automatic sorting machine, 18650/21700 universal battery sorting machine and so on.

10-channel battery automatic sorting machine


3. Lithium battery sticking barley paper machine This step requires a battery to automatically stick highland barley paper machine. Some bosses may ask why they should stick highland barley paper on the lithium battery? In fact, highland barley paper is very important in electronic products. Paste the highland barley paper on the positive electrode of the battery to prevent the positive electrode from colliding with the positive electrode, resulting in a short circuit or dust entering the gap. Highland barley paper has good insulation, water resistance and abrasion resistance.


4. the lithium battery spot welding machine is to assemble a single battery cell into a battery pack through nickel sheet spot welding.