How to choose a lithium battery sorting machine?

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With the rapid rise of new energy lithium batteries, many friends plan to install lithium battery assembly equipment, so the lithium battery sorting machine is indispensable.

  Today, I will share with you how to choose a lithium battery sorting machine, so that you can refer to and choose a lithium battery sorting machine that suits you!


1. See which type of lithium battery sorting machine you need

Lithium battery sorting machine has: 2 channel, 6 channels, 10 channels, 20 channels, choose according to your needs.

2. Is there the strength to quickly come up with solutions?

The detailed requirements and investment of each company are different, allowing the lithium battery sorting machine company to propose a solution that suits itself.

Parameters of our ten-speed sorting machine:

Platform power220V ±10% power: 1000W

Test instrument

Hioki 3561 and Pu 3561 (optional)


4-color VFD display

Sorting efficiency

Test parametersAC resistance, DC voltage

measurement accuracy

Internal resistance ±1mΩ

Voltage V: ±1mv

Gas source0.4-0. 8Mpa

Test Range

Internal resistance Ω: 0.01mΩ ~3.2kΩ; 

voltage V: 0V~20V

Test speed

3 times/sec, 10 times/sec, 50 times/sec
Sorting parametersOpen circuit voltage, AC internal resistance
Control device

Embedded motion control system + man-machine screen

Scope of applicationCylindrical battery

Sorting channel

10 channels

Shipmen can provide the entire assembly pack equipment to solve the problem of lithium battery assembly in one stop for you.