Principle of battery sorting machine

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  Batteries are widely used in our lives. For example, our remote controls, toy cars, or other daily necessities all need batteries to supplement power problems. There are also specifications when using batteries. Some batteries are large, some are small, some are universal and some are regulated. When using our specifications, we will use a battery sorting machine to sort and classify batteries of different specifications.

1. What is a battery sorting machine

Battery sorting machines are usually designed according to international standards. Each communication of the sorting machine's system will have a separate constant current and constant voltage. Generally, modules with plugs and playback design structures are used. When sorting, you can delete or load module units without restriction. This function also facilitates some routine maintenance of the system.

Second, the battery sorting machine configuration

2400 per hour. Note: This speed is a single internal resistance machine, and multiple internal resistance machines can be added according to customer needs; manually put the battery into the fixture box, pull out the bottom plate, the equipment starts to automatically take and feed the material, and the grasping arm according to the internal resistance The feedback data of the resistance machine is placed in the fixture box of the designated channel. Channel battery sorting machine equipment configuration: The electrical control part of the internal resistance test of the sorting machine adopts a modular design, which has high integration, good versatility and easy maintenance; the main actuator adopts servo motor control, which has high accuracy and reliability. Good; the electrical circuit of the equipment adopts domestic and foreign standard control devices and devices, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement.