Why does the sorting machine need to be divided into differe

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The sorting machine has more and less channels, and multiple channels can sort more conditions. For example, the internal resistance of A-B and the internal resistance of B-C can be deduced by analogy, and the sorting can be more precise. The 18650 lithium battery sorting machine can be divided into 2 gears, 6 gears, 10 gears, and 20 gears.


Ten gears means there are 10 gears, so the sorting will be much faster. An analogy: Does the battery of an electric car need to be large, or to weld a lot of small batteries together and turn them into a big battery block? Five gears can sort 10,000 ten gears a day and 50,000 can be sorted a day. Gear 2, gear 6, and gear 20 have the same meaning (or 2 channels, 6 channels, 10 channels, 20 channels)!

The above is why the 18650 lithium battery sorting machine needs to be divided into different files? I hope everyone can understand.