Precautions for lithium battery sorting machine

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1. It is strictly forbidden to touch the battery with bare hands;

2. When working, the battery should be handled with care;

3. The standard chip should be calibrated before starting the test, and the standard chip of different specifications should be used for calibration when testing different specifications of cells;

4. Regularly check whether the equipment is in good condition;

5. During the test, avoid looking directly at the light source to prevent damage to the eyes;

6. Before unpacking the battery, check that the outer package is not damaged. If there is any damage, take a photo and record it and report it. If there is no damage, you can open the package to check the battery;

7. Use each package as soon as possible to prevent oxidation. If it cannot be used up, it must be sealed and stored.

Due to the randomness of the cell production conditions, the performance of the batteries produced is not the same. Therefore, in order to effectively combine the batteries with the same or similar performance, they should be classified according to their performance parameters; battery test sorting means passing the test battery The size of the output parameters (current and voltage) classify them. In order to improve the utilization rate of the battery, make the battery assembly of qualified quality.

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