How to choose the material of bag filter bag?

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     Bag filters are widely used, and the most important thing is the filter bag, so how to choose the material of the filter bag?

     Let's take a brief look below.

  Regarding the correct selection of filter bags, according to the actual requirements of the filtration process, determine the filtration mode (deep filtration, surface filtration), and then decide to use the filter bag material. There are three elements of filtration flow, medium viscosity, and filtration accuracy to determine the size of the filter bag.

Bag filter, filter bag with different materials of filter material, each has its own different filtration method, filtration efficiency, filtration accuracy, even if the same filter material is used, when the temperature, viscosity, flow rate or filtrate quality and impurity content of the filtrate occur When changing, the filtering effect will change. Please select the most suitable filter material according to the actual working conditions.

  The chemical compatibility of the filter material

  There are many types of filter materials, with different materials, and different filtrates also have different physical and chemical properties. In the process of filtering, the filter material must be compatible with it and cannot react chemically, and the filter material must also face the same pressure and temperature changes as the filtrate. Only by softening, cracking or releasing ingredients can stable and uniform filtration quality be provided.