What should I do if the solvent recovery machine does not re

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When it is found that after the solvent recovery machine has been working for a period of time, there is still no solvent flowing out. The following problems may exist:
(1) The solvent recovery machine does not enter the working mode: the power switch of the solvent recovery machine, twist it once to be the equipment passing mode, not the working mode. You need to twist the device twice in a row to enter the normal working mode. At this time, look at the working indicator light, which is the working mode;
(2) The cooling pipe is blocked: the solution is to wait for the temperature of the steam meter to drop below 50 ℃ after shutting down, open the cover of the recovery bucket, and use an air gun to blow air at the discharge port until the air escapes from the steam inlet;
(3) The boiling point of the solvent is too high: the solution is to appropriately increase the heating temperature by 20-30°C. If the heating temperature has been adjusted to the highest value, it can be recovered with a vacuum decompression pump;
(4) The heat transfer of the heat transfer oil is not good: The solution is that the heat transfer oil of the solvent recovery machine needs to be replaced every 1500 hours of work. If it is not changed for a long time, not only will it cause poor heat transfer and lower work efficiency, it may also be due to oil quality. Carbon buildup causes damage to the heater. Therefore, when the heat transfer oil is used for more than 1500 hours, the heat transfer oil should be replaced immediately;